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Editors: Winfred P. Cowgill, Jr. and Wesley R. Autio

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Volume 100, Number 2

Spring, 2020

Table of Contents

  • Evaluation of Apple Varieties and Comments Made by Students in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture Deciduous Orchard Class
  • Influence of Foliar Urea on Branching of Apple in Response to MaxCel Application at Bloom
  • Evaluation of a Grower-friendly Attract-and-kill Strategy for Apple Maggot Control in New England Apple Orchards
  • Assessment of a Non-pheromonal Lure System for Attracting Adult Tortricid Moths
  • Selected Minnesota White Grape Varieties for the Northeast
  • Selected Minnesota Cool Climate Red Grape Varieties for the Northeast
  • NC-140 Fuji and Honeycrisp Apple Rootstock Trials in New Jersey
  • New Jersey News

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