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Editors: Winfred P. Cowgill, Jr. and Wesley R. Autio

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Volume 97, Number 2

Spring, 2017

Table of Contents

  • Performance of Honeycrisp Apple trees on Several Budagovsky, Cornell-Geneva, and Pillnitz Rootstocks:  An Update on the Massachusetts Planting of the 2010 NC-140 Apple Rootstock Trial
  • Rootstock Influence on Redhaven Peach Performance:  An Update on the Massachusetts Planting of the 2009 NC-140 Peach Rootstock Trial
  • Evaluation of Serenade Optimum and Lime-Sulfur for Disease Management in Organic Apple Orchards
  • Perimeter Trap Cropping for Spotted Wing Drosophila Control
  • Investigating Forage Radish and Compost as a Means of Alleviating Soil Compaction in Post-plant Bramble and Blueberry Fields
  • Dr. James Moore, World Renown Fruit Breeder, Dies at Age 85
  • New Jersey News



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